“The Devil Doesn’t Always Need an Advocate” -  Exotic Fever Records , 2019.

“The Devil Doesn’t Always Need an Advocate” - Exotic Fever Records, 2019.



Cool Moon is an alt indie rock band from Houston, Texas made up of Andrea Lisi, Anthony Schillaci, and Brian Smyth.

Cool Moon enjoys day dreaming about playing with Jawbreaker in the late 90's, pets, running, hanging out with friends, keeping an upbeat attitude, playing music too loud to hear vocals, and going to bed at a reasonable hour (at least on weeknights).

Think of your favorite 90’s movie soundtrack, the one that made you want to start an alternative band of your own (e.g. Reality Bites).  Cool Moon reincarnates that same feeling with a fresh, new face.  Frontwoman Andrea Lisi’s vocals, both soft and brash, embodies something akin to Corin Tucker mixed with Liz Phair.  The music, reminiscent of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Jawbreaker, feature strong, crunchy guitars, driving bass lines, and captivating drum rhythms that perfectly complement and create a musical experience far greater than the sum of its parts.

Cool Moon’s sophomore album “The Devil Doesn’t Always Need An Advocate”, to be released June 1, 2019 as a poster with download by Exotic Fever Records, follows up the band’s debut (Postparty Depression) and cassette EP with vigor showing the result of hard work from a tight and cohesive group. The songs are dynamic with huge, hard hitting choruses bringing to mind the Silversun Pickups or Sunny Day Real Estate. The debut single “Flawless”, a nod to the 80’s Joan Jett style of rock, is a light-hearted song about self-awareness and hits with a huge, pounding chorus. As a whole, the album highlights the band’s range, keeping the listeners attention while maintaining the essence that makes Cool Moon special.

Cool Moon follows up the release of “TDDANAA” with a SEA-LA West Coast Tour in June 2019.


Vocals, Guitar / Andrea Lisi
Drums / Anthony Schillaci
Bass / Brian Smyth