"If you were planning on starting an indie rock band in Houston, you’d have to really go above and beyond to stand out these days. The growing landscape of indie rock acts that are blooming like springtime flowers is pretty grand. Of course, for Houston’s Cool Moon, they’ve never really had to fight for space as they’re easily one of the more intriguing indie rock groups to call Houston home. Originally containing Mercy Harper from Football, etc., the trio has always done things in a way that was a little different. On their new full-length album, Postparty Depression, they prove that doing things your own way can ultimately pay off. In eleven tracks they forge their own path with subtle reminders of ’90s indie rock and emo acts while never biting from anyone." - David Garrick, Free Press Houston - Cool Moon Doesn't Disappoint on Debut Full-Length


Cool Moon is an alt indie rock band from Houston, Texas formed by Andrea Lisi (formerly of Del Cielo) upon relocation from the DC area. Anthony Schillaci plays drums and Brian Smyth plays bass guitar. 

Cool Moon enjoys day dreaming about playing with Jawbreaker in the late 90's, pets, running, hanging out with friends, keeping an upbeat attitude, playing music too loud to hear vocals, and going to bed at a reasonable hour (at least on weeknights).

Cool Moon's debut album "Postparty Depression" was released June 30, 2017.


Vocals, Guitar / Andrea Lisi
Drums / Anthony Schillaci
Bass / Brian Smyth



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//July 18, 2018
We are so stoked to announce our latest release with Miss Champagne Records. "Sleep" is a limited-run 4 song cassette EP that will preview some cool tunes off of our upcoming album!

Go to MissChampagneRecords.com to pre-order!



What’s not to love about their new “Splitting Hairs” single? For starters, frontwoman Andrea Lisi is a strong contender for the title of “This Generation’s Chrissie Hynde” thanks to the aloof cool vibe she projects. Vocally, her timbre is more akin to Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker than Hynde, but her delivery and range warrant comparisons to both. She’s got killer pipes, and she’s not afraid to use them. -  Hollie Daugherty, TheRevue.ca